Industrial services

TMS Automotive GmbH offers you industrial services tailored to your wishes and needs. Our services will allow you the freedom to focus on your core business. And our commitment will give you cost transparency and clearly defined services.

  • Logistic services
  • Environmental and weather protection
  • Industrial Cleaning & Facility Management

Logistic services

over land, across water, and in the air

TMS Automotive GmbH can meet your requirements and offer you more flexibility to meet higher demands.

Transport racks individually tailored to your needs for every imaginable kind of application. Whether you’re shipping in sea containers, transporting a complete industrial facility, or requiring tailor-made transport crates and racks, our services will ensure everything is safely packed and transported to prevent damage, loss of value, or even a total loss of your products or hazardous materials. We not only handle the loading and unloading of containers or transport boxes, but can also undertake the order picking and securing of goods – including customs clearance.

We can also handle internal transport services on your behalf, as well as forklift license training. Send us an enquiry and we will create an individual logistic solution to meet your needs. Further information can be found under "Industrial and reusable packaging".

Environmental and weather protection

Securely packed – so environmental influences are effectively ruled out!

We manufacture tailor-made, individual packaging for almost all industry sectors. Safe and secure protection for buildings and the environment.

Particularly during renovation work, it is often necessary to cover buildings to prevent dust and other harmful subtances escaping into the environment and causing a health hazard. Our shrink wrap covering can be used to make sure that does not happen.

Where necessary, additional equipment such as safety gates or chambers, ventilation and corrosion protection, can also be installed as required.

And if a storm should happen to damage or destroy the roof of a warehouse, house or similar roofed structure, that too won’t be a problem!

The advantage of our system is that temporary repairs can be carried out quickly, so that you and your goods stay dry until your roof can be professionally repaired.

Feel free to contact us and we will provide you with a personalised quotation based on your requirements. You will find our work is always tailor-made to the customer’s specifications, and our keen pricing is extremely cost-effective. So why not put us to the test and gain these benefits for yourself? 

Industrial Cleaning & Facility Management

The demands of the day-to-day production process leave very little time for proper cleanning of your installation and its machines. TMS Automotive GmbH specializes in the cleaning of machinery and equipment. We can also handle any other facility work, such as winter services on driveways and parking lots, minor repairs, green area maintenance and much more. Modern cleaning processes enable us to meet the high standards our customers demand. We can rid your machines and systems of dust, dirt, oil, grease and other stubborn contaminants.

Cleansing processes to match your requirements, such as

  • Manual cleaning
  • Spray processing for special cleaning
  • Dry-ice cleansing
  • Active foam cleansing
  • Dry vacuum cleansing system, ride-on or walk-behind as required


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