TMS Automotive GmbH is part of the Mike Renn group of companies. It is a service company which focuses exclusively on the needs of its customers. All our services are underpinned by our expertise and many years of experience, and our customer base includes the automotive industry and its suppliers. Our mobility and flexibility enables us to rapidly adapt to new challenges and meet the demand for high-quality services. 


  • Outsourcing
  • Automotive services


The delegation of company tasks and processes to us as an external service provider allows you to focus on your core business. Excerpt from project references: Storage of cut-to-size steel plates from the shipbuilding industry were picked, packed and loaded according to order lists. These elements were welded together into sections in other EU countries before undergoing further processing in Germany. Storage of vehicle parts for a supply company (interim storage). Storage of vendor parts for a well-known wind energy manufacturer. These vendor parts were completed and commissioned, and then made available for just-in-time delivert via a call-up list. In addition, the wind turbines were also packed and shipped. Creation of shredded cardboard for the packaging of automotive parts via an automated production line, as well as their storage and asembling containers for shipping.

The advantages of outsourcing

  • Leaner management
  • Less administration
  • More cost transparency
  • Cost optimization

Automotive services

A service company can only succeed with a strong manufacturing operation. This is not new knowledge, and applies to every single company – as well as to the entire national economy. Nevertheless, everything depends upon the quality of this symbiosis. As a service provider, we have to be able to fulfill clearly defined tasks. That's precisely what we do at TMS Automotive GmbH. Our team is set up to meet the quality requirements of our customers, so every order, be it logistics or technology, is a new opportunity for us to prove our abilities.

We offer the following services

  • Reworking of supplier parts into system components (on-site service)
  • Completing components for assembly
  • Developing customer-specified concepts into in-house solutions and outsourcing projects
  • Sorting of defective parts or wrong deliveries
  • Repacking and picking work
  • Industrial packaging and container stowage
  • Visualization of production lines and warehouse systems
  • Logistic services


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