International industrial services, industrial packaging and experience in the automotive sector make TMS your reliable partner

Industrial Services

Logistic services, environmental and weather protection, industrial cleaning and facility management

Industrial packaging

Shrink wrap packaging, industrial and reusable packaging


Outsourcing and Automotive services

QM system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001-2000

Employees in over 15 countries

Tailored to our customer’s needs

Available 365 days a year

About us

TMS Automotive GmbH is an international service provider and is part of the Mike Renn Group.

TMS Automotive GmbH provides on-site industrial services to its customers, and, where necessary, at its own factory premises.

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Global service at every location

All services are available beyond our borders.

Our teams are in Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Austria, Portugal, Denmark, Poland, Italy, Greece and many other places.

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Adhesive tape, shrink wrap, tools, equipment and accessories